One of the trickiest things to do as a piano teacher, is to get your pupils to consistantly practice. There is so much music out there. Where to start? I solved the problem by writing music tailored to my individual pupils needs. It worked a treat and I found as I enjoyed the success of my students I enjoyed more and more the writing.

These pieces have been devised with specific technical issues in mind, for forward progression, but also awareness of the need to be appealing and approachable. They are of an intermediate standard, around Grades 1-4 and generally 2-3 minutes long. A suite of 4 pieces will be 4 mins long.

All these pieces can be found on the Piano Pronto website. Click on the Images to look inside and hear sound clips.


cover-ebb-and-flowEbb & Flow is a collection of 11 contemporary solos with varying styles immitating Einaudi, Glass, Satie and also more classic styles.





cover-ppgrif1001Something Else is in the style of Einaudi with two arpeggio patterns in the left hand and a melody with variations in the right. There is a changing time signature from 3/4 to 4/4




cover-ppgrif1004Something on the Slide has tones of Satie. Also based on two chords, this time G and C, with an octave leap from bass note to chord. This remains the same throughout with a melancholy melody in the right hand that explores some syncopation




cover-ppgrif1005Something Like Glass is a short study in the style of Philip Glass, with a triplet motif in the right hand and a short melody with the left, that explores the outer edges of the keyboard, sometimes crossing hands. Based around Am




cover-ppgrif1002-2Clocks : A great way to introduce polyrhythms to your pupils. 2 against 3 quavers. Based around G arpeggio, this piece stays in a stable position with occasional chromatic moves to G# and A. Go to the demo page to hear how to play this piece.




cover-ppgrif1003Child’s Play is a short suite of 3 pieces for the left hand only. Aimed at young children as the title suggests. The individual pieces are called  Mr Mischief, Afternoon Nap and The Runaround.




  cover-somethingmoreSomething More, as the title perhaps suggests is a littlemore challenging technically. It has left hand arpeggios, double notes in 3rds and 6ths in the right hand and some interesting contrary motion patterns including dotted quavers and semi-quavers. Gorgeous, peaceful tune, Not too fast. Not too tricky. Just right. In Bb Major




  cover-comehometoSomething To Come Home To is a deceptively simple piece based on primary triads. It is in the key of E, which is slightly challenging, but still approachable. The hands cross from left over right and the melody is at the end of each pattern. A student of grade 3 standard could easily manage this piece and have some fun with it.




Joanne Griffiths on Piano Pronto

Joanne Griffiths on Sheet Music Plus


A Gauche: A Suite of Intermediate Pieces for the left hand. 1. Basically Bass 2. Distant Prayer 3. Double Chocolate 4. Lazy Waltz. All written entirely in the bass clef, covering

different styles, moods, dynamics and textures.






1-hand-4-cakesOne Hand Four Cakes:  A short fun frivolous suite for left hand only. Makes use of the whole keyboard, with a variety of moods and styles. Works on finger technique without getting too serious about it. 1. Lemon Drizzle 2. Bakewell Tart 3. Rocky Road 4. Coffee & Walnut






Fun & Games: An Easy Suite for the left hand. Three imaginative and jaunty pieces for your young pupils to enjoy. Written to appeal to children and get them using and reading their left hands. 1. Hopscotch- only used notes C to G. 2. Tag- uses C to C and 3. Leap Frog uses B to middle C with occasional accidentals.






Reel: An easy duet starts slow and deliberate and ends up fast and furious. The Primo part has a repetitive melody with 8ve changes and Secondo pumps out the rhythm with two chords with 8ve options. This can be taught by rote and does not need to be strictly adhered to. There is a score and individual parts.