Joanne Griffiths is a Piano Teacher with 25 years experience, having taught in private studios, schools and colleges throughout this time. She has always had an interest in composition and supplements standard repertoire with pieces of her own. In 2012, she formalised this and gained an MA in composition from Salford University, under the expertise of Mr Alan Williams.

Joanne has collaborated with several ensembles and choirs, such as the LCCO (London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra) and NFL(National Flute Orchestra), Salford Symphony Orchestra, The London Consort of Winds, and Just Sing Community Choir, with performances and publications from all. The cover photo is from a day at Abbey Road Studios in London, recording with Rock Choir.

In 2015 Joanne communicated with Jennifer Ecklund, CEO of Piano Pronto, which led to several of her piano pieces being published. Currently she is teaching and also working towards her first collection of Intermediate pieces to be published in the near future.